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    American leather goods production will be further reduced

    2013/12/25      view:
    American leather goods production will be further reduced
    2013-07-12 13:50 Source: China bag net

    The past five years, although the United States leather products industry doing well, but the downward trend is difficult to change. Sales of imported products has long been plagued by the economic downturn to the manufacturer tremendous pressure on market prices, the biggest hit in 2009 sales revenue decline, reaching 16.6%. Then, enter the recovery period, with an annual growth rate of 1.4% increments. According to market research firm predicts that in 2013 the United States sell leather goods revenues will grow by 2.6%, to reach $ 4.1 billion.
    However, current trends do not represent the position of the entire leather industry in the past five years, imports have become an increasingly important part of that industry, imports accounted for 88.4% of the U.S. market demand. Cheap products from China and Vietnam make domestic manufacturing leather products less attractive in terms of price. As a result, U.S. manufacturers pay more attention to product design and marketing activities, while shifting production abroad or looking abroad for processing.
    As the major brands including Coach Tandy Corporation and the company abandoned the domestic production in low-cost countries to seek production. Coach companies in the United States retained the design, marketing and distribution agencies. Some still insist on production in the United States, but mainly for niche markets and high-end products.
    The next five years, the U.S. leather goods production will decline further, due to the major manufacturers produce high-end products, product profitability will rise, technology investment will help them maximize profits.