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    Chinese National Day cargo sweeping global Europeans say "thank you China."

    2013/12/25      view:
    Chinese National Day cargo sweeping global Europeans say "thank you China."

    Editor's note: This is a group of tourists willing to spend loves traveling. Their strong purchasing power, as the gloomy world economy has added the brightest colors.
    In 2011, every Chinese tourists spent an average of 46,700 yuan in Australia, the United States spent 44,700 yuan, 23,600 yuan spent in France. In China, since the 1999 launch of the "Golden Week" holidays, the domestic tourism market fast, and 2011 revenues of $ 2.25 trillion, equivalent to one-fifth of the country's total fiscal revenue.
    With the changes in growth and spending power of the Chinese consumer attitudes, these figures still are constantly being refreshed.
    Local governments around the world in China, are trying to seize the Chinese tourists wallet.
    At the time of another holiday season, Special Issue Focus Chinese tourists.
    A crisp autumn evening, the applause and cheers of tourists in 2000, the Central CYTS charter cruise ship set sail from the port of Tianjin whistle, heading for Japan and Korea. Over the next eight days and seven nights at sea journey, the ship cruises went, Cheju, Fukuoka and Kagoshima duty-free shops and other places, from milk powder, cosmetics, leather apparel, to watches, jewelery, were passengers swarmed Zhenggou.
    September 27, 2012, CYTS one person to the Southern Weekend reporter described a month ago so he brought this group. Similar scenes, with tourists in recent years, China's footprint and around the world continue to unfold.
    In the 1980s, Milan, London and New York luxury stores everywhere were oil-rich Japanese, pick the most expensive commodity. 30 years later, China replaced the Japanese tourists, shopping centers across the world, becoming the bleak global economic backdrop in a rare bright.
    Data from the National Tourism Bureau, in 2011 the number of Chinese outbound tourism was 70.25 million passengers, an increase of 22%; This year, the Chinese outbound tourism spending reached $ 69 billion, or about RMB 430 billion, more than a year in Beijing 2011 more than revenue.
    Become more powerful: McKinsey just released a report, the current 10 years, the average annual disposable income of Chinese families can afford the proportion of private cars and small pieces of luxury city will grow nearly six-fold - Apparently, Chinese prosperous tourist spending has only just begun